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Are you leveraging precise targeting capabilities in order to reach consumers most likely to be interested in your products and services?

Potential customers can be reached via online marketing and email targeting for both Web and mobile devices: increase your exposure; increase traffic to your site; generate leads; improve your search rank; grow business partnerships and develop loyal fans; improve your sales!

Targeted Audience Marketing

Take the waste out of your advertising spend with our targeted audience solutions- a mixture of targeted email, social media marketing, targeted display, PPC advertising and direct mail. Get started today. Your next customer is waiting.

Competitive Intelligence

We take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts. Our competitive intelligence and analyses give you the information you need on your competition, your industry, and marketing trends to make winning marketing plans. We have the ability to analyze and evaluate your competitors’ websites and online presence. We can also analyze complex data to understand the behavior patterns behind the people visiting your website.

Site & Search Retargeting

Target consumers who are have recently visited your site and/or who are actively searching for your products and services. Based on their most recent search activity, web, mobile, video and social media ads are served to your best potential clients as they move about the web. Conquest retargeting serves your ads to consumers who were recently searching for your competitors.

Social Media Targeting

Reach best potential local customers based on their interests on leading social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Targeted Email Marketing

Get results by targeting B2C, B2B lists at the zip code level and by various demographics.


Search Engine Marketing targets consumers actively searching for your business in the top page positions on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Our Google & Bing certified SEM specialists optimize your campaign thru-out the month to ensure optimal results.

Mobile Geofencing

Reach on-the-go consumers in your area. Target consumers based on their proximity to your store. Your mobile ad is served and expands to a full-screen mobile splash page with multiple, and trackable, calls to action.

24/7 Reporting…

Dashboard tracks success and proves return on investment. Campaign performance tracking is available 24/7 via our Client Dashboard. Our Digital team also meets with you monthly to review.

Case Studies

Search Engine Marketing

A grocery store wanted to promote their bulk products, emphasizing that bulk products are perfect when planning your next Summer party and specifically targeting search terms related to Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and the 4th of July with relevant ad copy. We set out to drive traffic to the page on their site dedicated to their products while driving brand awareness and highlighting the discount for the product. Between May 23rd and July 3rd, we were able to drive 6,716 clicks to their website while serving 107,267 impressions for an astounding 6.2610% CTR, far above the industry standard of 1%, all while maintaining an Average Position of 1.9, meaning our ads were averaging the top spot in Google Search Engine Results pages!

Search Retargeting

A casino campaign started on April 1st of this year, focusing our keywords on entertainment, local casino, and as many competitors as possible. We also decided to focus our keywords on things to do in the area, such as gambling, casinos, casinos in Niagara Falls, Buffalo Creek casino, Alleghany Casinos, Toronto casinos. Our impression goals are met every month, and the CTR continues to improve every week. Currently at almost .1%. We provide new keywords monthly as new creative is received to keep the campaign fresh and continuously driving new traffic to the site.

Targeted Marketing Solutions

Custom crafted a consumer list for a Manahawkin, NJ auto dealer. The consumer list took into account Polk registration data, automotive content searched, survey information, postal data, and other proprietary demographic data. The campaign was a mixture of targeted email, email and profile retargeting, search engine marketing, social media marketing and direct mail. Email campaigns were sent out to 50,000 people which created more than a 20% open rate. Direct mail was sent out to the 20% who opened and the entire audience was targeted on social media and in search. After performing a match-back report comparing our list to the list of customers who purchased, we converted 31 customers in a 45 day period.

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